Caseificio Quattro Portoni - Sito ufficiale





Only from our buffles The milk used to produce cheeses comes exclusively from our own Mediterranean buffaloes raised in a completely open shed respecting the very latest criteria for the animals’ well-being.

Only from Bergamo

The Gritti farming business occupies a very old country house and surrounding land which extends as far as Parco del Serio in the Cologno al Serio district of Bergamo. Here we cultivate the forage for our buffaloes. This is where Quattro Portoni products come from.

Only healthy and genuine

Our cheeses are the result of a short production chain that goes from growing the forage to scrupulously raising the herd, and the direct transformation of the milk. Total control of the chain is a guarantee of absolute healthiness and genuinity.

Only the best

We produce more than 20 types of cheese: Soft, semi-hard, mature, as well as yoghurt.
Variety and top quality deserving the many certificates of excellence awarded in important cheese competitions and events.