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Ricotta di bufala
Crescenza di bufala 
 Blu di bufala
Surfin' Blu 
Caciocavallo di Bufala
 Porta Rocca


QUATTRO PORTONI’S cheeses share a common history, that begins with the idea of transforming our modern cow breeding, in a farm that returned to its traditional and historical characteristics, able to produce not only milk, but also complete, good and genuine foods. This has always happened in the old Lombardy farms where farmers used to use the products of the land and of their herds of cows and pigs  to produce foods for own consumption and for sale at the market. 

We wanted to do this with buffaloes, converting  our breeding, and we did this for two reasons: 

  1. to combine the ancient Lombardy tradition of cheese-making to a type of milk that has exceptional characteristics, the buffalo milk, allowing us to make exceptional cheeses;
  2. to suggest a novelty capable to stimulate the interest of experts in high quality products.
For this reason Quattro Portoni cheeses are a production strongly tied to tradition, but at the same time a novelty.