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Caciotta made with buffalo’s milk and spices. The crust is clean, speckled with spices. The paste is firm and elastic, with an ivory colour and sparse holes. The accurately dosed spices give it an intense scent, while the sweetness of the buffalo’s milk balances out its taste. Added spices: black pepper, hot pepper, chives, fennel seeds.

Milk used

Full-fat  pasteurized buffalo milk

Lactic ferments Selected flora
Enzymes Liquid calf rennet
Salting In brine
Humidity Class Medium hard
External aspect Clean crust
Inside aspect Soft with sparse holes characterized by the spieces
Treatment of curds Raw
Seasoning 3-9 months
Form Cylinder, 16 cm of diameter, 7 cm of height
Weight 1,8 kg
Pieces for pack N.2
Shelf-life  60 days