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The History

The debouts


The farm was founded in Cologno al Serio ( province of Bergamo ) , in 1968 thanks to Renato Gritti, father of the current owners Bruno and Alfio.

In 1970 the first shed for cows farming was built.

The activity has continued for some years until the decision to enlarge the structure and to start the milk production. The number of the cows, selected Italian Frisone, grows year after year along with the milk production.



The 80’s

In 1982 the farm is taken over by Alfio who, in the meantime, has taken a degree in Veterinarian Medicine and by Bruno who has examined in depth his knowledge in the agronomic management of the land. The Azienda Agricola Gritti Bruno e Alfio, as it is still called today,was born.


Since 2000


In 2000 a new totally open shed is built following the latest dictates on animal wellness. The idea to support the Mediaterranean buffalo to the Italian Frisone was born in this year. For this reason a new shed is built  with specific structures and materials that allowed the farming of both  the species.

In 2001 the first MEDITERRANIAN BUFFALOES arrived from an historical farm in the province of Varese

In 2003 the final choice to convert  the hole farm in an only buffalo farming  with the arrival of a buffalo herd from Latina.



From 2005 


In 2005 was born the project of a dairy and a shop with the aim to give  more value to the precious buffalo milk and the idea to produce a complete range of cheeses, typical of the Padanian tradition but enriched by the unique peculiarities of BUFFALO MILK. 

The QUATTROPORTONI DAIRY was born, thanks to the support of two young cheese makers graduates in milk-dairy processes and the irreplaceable contribution of a technical expert.

2006 is the year of the inauguration of the dairy and of the shop that offers to the public more than 15 types of fresh, semi-mature and mature cheeses made only with the buffalo milk of our herd.